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Central Sparks have the vision of being the leading 

women's regional programme, which goes hand in hand with the mission of the pursuit of excellence.

To achieve this vision, Sparks work towards the below principles:

To be a winning senior squad

  • Objectives, strategy, tactics & philosophies 

  • Communicated selection framework

To produce players for the next stage

  • Bespoke individual cricket programmes

  • Facilitate high level / high pressure moments

To holistically develop the person

  • Wellness monitoring and management

  • Performance & mental resilience programmes

  • Enhancing CVs

To continuously move the game forwards

  • Facilitating staff and player overseas / international / franchise experience

  • Mutually beneficial relationship with counties

  • Sparks standards developed in conjunction with players

  • Player appearances to inspire

Exceptional operations & administration

  • Clear, accurate, well managed budget

  • Consistent, accessible winter & summer training

  • Raising player awareness in the region

Transformative performance services

  • Medical audit graded as excellent

  • Stronger, faster, agile / big 5 scores

Meaningful game analytics

  • Developing 2 female analysts

  • Game day KPIs




Central Sparks takes its safeguarding responsibilities very seriously and we are committed to creating a safe and positive environment for everyone.

We believe that everyone at Central Sparks shares the responsibility for safeguarding children and adults, so our policy and practices are applicable to everyone involved.

If you require any information around Central Sparks' Safeguarding Policy or wish to report a concern, please email or contact:

Mike Nally
Safeguarding Manager –Central Sparks
Tel: 07879 523204


Central Sparks adhere to the World Anti-Doping Code and follow the UKAD UK Anti Doping Rules.

For more details on these rules, please visit UKAD's website.

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